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Your Premier Interventional Cardiologist

Experience the pinnacle of cardiovascular care with Dr. Daniel C. Garcia, a highly accomplished Interventional Cardiologist situated in Houston, Texas. Dr. Garcia is celebrated for his unyielding commitment to professional integrity, empathetic approach, and exceptional communication skills, all of which form the bedrock of his distinguished medical practice.

Dedicated to the holistic well-being of his patients, Dr. Garcia transcends traditional healthcare by arming individuals with comprehensive knowledge about their health. This emphasis on education empowers patients to make informed decisions, ensuring their active participation in their journey to optimal health.

Dr. Garcia's illustrious medical journey commenced with the attainment of his medical degree from UFG-Goias, Brazil, followed by an impactful Internal Medicine residency at the renowned University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital. Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, he further refined his skills through specialized fellowships in Cardiovascular, Interventional Cardiology, Peripheral Arterial and Venous disease, as well as Structural heart disease at Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans, LA.

As a testament to Dr. Garcia's dedication to inclusivity, his practice places a special emphasis on providing tailored care to the Latin population of Texas. Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, Dr. Garcia ensures effective communication, creating a welcoming environment for individuals who prefer these languages. This commitment to linguistic diversity reflects Dr. Garcia's mission to make high-quality cardiovascular care accessible to all.

Step into a healthcare experience defined by excellence, compassion, and cultural sensitivity. Dr. Daniel C. Garcia invites you to embark on a journey to optimal cardiovascular health, where every patient is treated with the utmost respect and receives care tailored to their unique needs. Welcome to a healthcare haven where expertise meets empathy

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Introducing Garcia Heart and Vascular

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Happy and Healthy Patient Experiences

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Gui Menezes

Really recommend Dr. Garcia. Very professional, respectful and communicative. He was very patient explaining my case and the Spanish also helped a lot on the communication since I’m not a native English speaker and Spanish sometimes can be easier for me 😊

Also had a wonderful service from the nurse that assist him! I’m very glad for the whole service.

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About Me

With almost two decades of dedicated medical practice since 2010, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to address the diverse health and well-being concerns of my patients. As a triple board-certified physician in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, and Interventional Cardiology, I offer an extensive array of services and procedures. These encompass cardiac consultation, heart disease prevention, EKG, Echocardiogram, Cardiovascular Check-up via Stress test, peripheral vascular disease prevention and treatment utilizing vascular US, endovascular intervention and vein ablation, cardiac catheterization and intervention, and catheter valve replacement (TAVR). For further insight into my professional journey and academic background, I invite you to explore the details provided.

Beyond the realm of medicine, I find solace in outdoor activities, particularly enjoying moments of fishing with my son. Moreover, my wife and I take pleasure in the art of cooking, fostering cherished family moments in the kitchen.

Understanding the distinctive healthcare needs of Houston's Hispanic population, my practice is uniquely positioned to provide culturally sensitive care. With a shared Latin background, my team and I are fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Our commitment lies in ensuring that every patient receives personalized attention and care, fostering an environment of comfort and trust. Your well-being is our priority, and we look forward to serving you with the utmost professionalism and warmth.

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Our Services

In Pursuit of Health

Gym Workout

Cardiac Stress Test

Taking Care of You

Hypertension Evaluation

The Care You Deserve

Doctor taking blood pressure of older patient
Taking blood pressue

Cardiology Consultation

Helping You to Stay Healthy

Cardiovascular Check-Up

Prevention and Education


Peripheral Arterial Disease

Making you walk further

Varicose Vein Treatment

Improving your quality of life


Cardiac Catheterization

Making your heart stronger

Catheter Valve Replacement

Transforming your life

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My Experience

A Trained Medical Professional

March 2010 - June 2012

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Post-doctoral fellowship at Texas Heart Institute/Baylor College of Medicine in Stem Cell therapy for coronary artery disease

July 2012 - June 2015

Internal Medicine Residency

Internal Medicine Internship and Residency at University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital.

July 2015 - June 2018

Cardiology Fellowship

Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship at Ochsner Clinic Foundation.

July 2018-June 2019

Interventional Cardiology Fellowship

Interventional Cardiology Fellowship at Ochsner Clinic Foundation.

July 2019- June 2020

Advance Interventional Cardiology and Structural Heart Disease Fellowship

Advanced Interventional Cardiology with focus on Peripheral Arterial Disease and Structural Heart Disease fellowship at Ochsner Clinic Foundation.

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Opening Hours

Come Visit

Mon - Thurs: 9am - 5pm

Fri: 9am - 3 pm

Sat and Sunday: Closed

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Accepted Insurances 

Aetna PPO, HMO

Aetna Medicare



Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, HMO

Blue Cross Blue Shield Advantage Medicare

Boon Chapman

Champ VA

Cigna PPO, HMO

Cigna HealthSprings

Huaman PPO, HMO

Medicaid Texas

Medicare Texas

Molina Marketplace

Molina PPO, HMO



Superior Health

Star Plus MMP Medicare/Medicaid Replacement

Texans Plus


United Health Care Choice PPO, HMO

United Health Care Advantage


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Published Work

My Written Works

Are There Any Procedural Differences Between Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump and Peripheral LVAD for Treatment of Cardiogenic Shock? A Clinical Comparison

Mechanical assist devices are used in cardiogenic shock to provide better hemodynamic support by different mechanisms. Clinical outcomes may vary according to this. We aimed to investigate the short-term clinical and procedural outcomes of intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) and percutaneous left ventricular assist device (pLVAD) (Impella and Tandem) use in patients with cardiogenic shock.

Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR)

Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) is considered safe and feasible in high-, intermediate-, and low-risk patients with tricuspid aortic valve (TAV) stenosis but not well investigated for bicuspid valve (BAV) stenosis. Majority of the randomized trials excluded patients with BAV, given its challenges. We aimed to evaluate the global experience with meta-analysis of all studies.

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Our analysis suggests that Paclitaxel DCB's are very efficacious in the treatment of symptomatic femoropopliteal artery disease TASC lesions A,B and C. Balloons might differ in the drug density. Amputation rate might decrease at long term follow up. Further analysis of sustained long-term analysis should be performed.


Resistant hypertension treated with catheter-based RDN respond better to blood pressure reduction and with sustained control without carrying significant kidney and cardiovascular complications. It is yet to be determined if some RDN catheters are capable to provide more concise results and therefore lead to better procedural outcomes. Therefore more randomized clinical data are warranted.

Comparison between catheter guided and ultrasound accelerated thrombolysis for the treatment of DVT of lower extremities: A Meta-Analysis

Out analysis suggested that UAT not only requires significant less angioplasty with stents but also might be associated with better re-stenosis rates whereas CDT significantly offered better thrombus burden reduction. Complication rates were similar between both groups. Further randomized trials should be pursued.

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Meet Our Team

Daniel Garcia , MD FACC FSCAI

Tatiane Pacheco, BSN, RN

Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology

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